Pam Byrnes for Congress
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Pam Byrnes Statement on Congressman Walberg’s Vote for Ryan Budget

“Congressman Walberg has again sold out Michigan’s middle class families by voting for a budget that would end Medicare’s guaranteed benefit and raise taxes on the middle class in order to pay for more tax breaks for big corporations and the ultra wealthy,” said Pam Byrnes. “Unlike Congressman Walberg, I’ll work for a budget that protects Medicare and our middle class by working with both sides to find commonsense cuts and wasteful spending, like when I voted to cut perks in Lansing.”


Byrnes: In February, Inside Michigan Politics reported: “Democrat Pam Byrnes tells Inside Michigan Politics that Congress shouldn’t get a pay raise until after members pass a balanced budget as a way to “cut wasteful Washington spending.”…. Byrnes notes that in 2009, she voted in favor of a concurrent resolution requesting that the State Officers’ Compensation Commission recommend a 10% reduction in salaries for legislators and elected executive officials. The Legislature didn’t pass the pay cut until the following term, when Byrnes was out of office…. If elected to Congress, Byrnes said she would also support “oversight of every government program” to see if they’re working. Congress should only continue funding those that do. She also wants to reduce spending by $10 billion by cutting “wasteful, duplicate spending” identified by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office.” [Inside Michigan Politics 2/3/14]

One-Year Anniversary of Government Shutdown; Byrnes Calls for Reform

Dexter, MI – On the one-year anniversary of the most unprecedented government shutdown, Pam Byrnes calls on Congressman Walberg to pledge to support the reforms in her Government Accountability Agenda, which include no pay for Congress in cases of a government shutdown. “Last year, the broken sys[...]

Bowzer & Senior Votes Count! Endorse Pam

Jackson, MI – Pam Byrnes was endorsed in her bid for Congress in the 7th District yesterday by Senior Votes Count! and their spokesperson, Jon “Bowzer” Bauman. Bowzer is best known from the hit TV series and musical group, “Sha Na Na.” Senior Votes Count! is the first Seniors organization created[...]